OM Digital Solutions enriches the lives of people and societies around the world through innovation in imaging and audio technologies.

Our business activities create value, skills and knowledge that is reinvested into developing our organization and communities to create a positive contribution to society.

INNOVATION A platform for innovation

Established as a result of divestiture from Olympus Corporation; OM Digital Solutions delivers innovation to the imaging and audio markets through the world’s first waterproof consumer camera, a lightweight and portable camera system developed on the Micro Four Thirds standard in the form of OM and PEN series of cameras, M.Zuiko lenses with their excellent optical performance and portability, and voice recorders which have achieved top market share in Japan.
Manufacturing prowess, diverse global human resources, and a deep connection with our customers, gives OM Digital Solutions a competitive advantage and supports continual innovation.
Through continual reinvestment into society and our organization, we will strengthen these capabilities and strive to deliver innovation into the future.

Manufacturing Prowess

  • Technology
    • Over 80 years of experience and accolades in the development of imaging system products
    • Technology development in optical lens design and camera feature development (Ergonomic compact designs, splash & dust proof sealing, image stabilization, dust reduction technologies, etc.)
  • Manufacturing
    • Efficient production methods and advanced technologies enable the production of interchangeable lens cameras and complex lenses.
  • Full cycle
    • Collaboration to deliver End-to-end product development and manufacturing for global markets.
  • Diverse
    global human
    • Skilled, customer-focused human resources who possess skills and knowledge to deliver global requirements.
  • Customer
    • Passionate enthusastic customers who share the same values we offer.

BUSINESS Two business domains to meet the changing needs of society

The impact of technological evolution on modern society is immense and constantly evolving. It also drives society to seek inner fulfillment through experiences beyond the digital, encouraging connections with the world around them; increasing awareness of the need to create a sustainable environment in the future.

The changing needs of society provide OM Digital Solutions with opportunities for growth through our deep and detailed understanding of the real world needs of the consumer.

Through our Consumer Business domain, we create and provide experiences that enhance life outdoors, and will continue to do so through the continual development of OM SYSTEM brand and its strong affinity with the outdoors.

The Solutions Business domain takes on the challenge of creating innovations to achieve sustainable growth in the future, leveraging technological assets we have accumulated thus far to facilitate resolutions to business and commercial challenges promoting future prosperity.

  • Consumer
    business domain
  • Solutions
    business domain

OUTPUT Enhancing outdoor life and resolving challenges

We drive innovation that meets the demands of both society and our customers in two business domains.

In the consumer business domain, we've established the OM SYSTEM brand, which is deeply rooted in the outdoors. Our objective is to create products that embody limitless possibilities, enabling us to link our offerings and services to the outdoor lifestyle, ultimately enhancing the well-being of our customers and society.

In the solutions business domain, we develop technological resources to generate value, address the concerns of our corporate clients, and develop solutions that contribute to overcoming societal challenges. Leveraging our expertise and assets, we strive to provide effective resolutions faced by both our business partners and the broader community.

  • Products and services
    that enhance life outdoors
  • Providing solutions
    that assist businesses
    and challenges in society

OUTCOME Creating global value for meaningful lives

Our business activities align with our mission of improving lives globally, addressing societal challenges, and benefiting the environment. This fosters economic value and maximizes cash flow through our offerings. We have created a value cycle that reinvests in innovation and drives sustainable growth for our community and organization.

Social value

  • Enrichment of people and society
  • Achieving a symbiosis between industry and the global natural environment

Economic value

Cash flow
  • Cash flow maximization is balanced with objectives such as profitability, long-term sustainability, and growth for the overall success of the business.

MISSION To enrich the lives of people across the world

Consumer business domain

We focus on the customer to develop products and services that enhance the value of life outdoors, such as cameras, lenses, voice recorders, and binoculars.

Solutions business domain

We work to solve the challenges of our corporate customers, create value together with them and contribute to the sustainable development of industries. This is achieved through leveraging the technical resources of our company to product solutions built around 5 pillars; ‘seeing’, ‘listening’, ‘preserving’, ‘telling’ and ‘utilization’.