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Creating value for the world
To be a company and brand that is loved by more and more people

代表取締役 兼 CEO杉本 繁実

OM Digital Solutions is driven by the desire to ‘challenge ourselves to create new products that did not exist in the world and bring joy to our customers’. Contributing to society through a range of cameras, voice recorders and binocular products since its time as the imaging business of its predecessor, Olympus Corporation.

The company retained its technological capabilities that have been developed over time through the creation and manufacture of precision instruments, as well as an integrated sales and marketing approach. This approach is carried out by our employees who have a love and understanding of our business and products. We are incredibly proud of our global human resources who have a high level of technology knowledge equally matched with customer perspective, which has enabled us to deliver products that did not exist in the world, such as our unique compact and lightweight Micro Four Thirds system cameras. Our continual innovation has been made possible by our fans who share the same values that we provide. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, diverse global human resources, and close ties to our customers; we believe our organizational structure at OM Digital Solutions has improved our decision-making and actioning capabilities, creating a strength that we gained through our carve-out and independence.

In October 2021 we announced the change of brand name from ‘Olympus’ to ‘OM SYSTEM’, which has been our favorite brand name for many years. ‘OM’ represents our origin and identity, embodying our attitude of always ‘challenging convention and creating new things’. It is also a declaration that we will continue to evolve and take on new challenges as a new company, while respecting the history and spirit of Olympus. We will continue to enhance the value and develop the OM SYSTEM brand for more customers to deeply love.

Our purpose is ‘to enrich people’s lives’.

代表取締役 兼 CEO杉本 繁実

The purpose of OM Digital Solutions is ‘to enrich people’s lives’, and to achieve this a focus on ‘what only we can do’ is essential. We hope to fulfill our purpose by providing he world with compact, lightweight, and durable cameras and super-telephoto lenses that can only be developed and manufactured by our company.

With this vision in mind, we are working on two business areas. The first is the outdoor field, with which we have always had a strong affinity due to the features and values of our products, which can be described as ‘compact, lightweight and durable’. This is a strength of our business and products and a core value of products which we are convinced are well suited to enhance the value of life outdoors. Therefore, we will develop OM SYSTEM into a strong brand in the outdoor market. The focus on this target market is not limited to mountain climbing and camping, but also includes everyday activities like stepping outside to take photos of flowers blooming by the side of the road or the sky overhead. This action of getting in touch with nature through our products can expand the world of our customers and is the driving force behind the business.

The second business area is to develop solutions that contribute to solving business and societal challenges by leveraging our technological assets that we have created. To support this business area, we plan to expand our system and human resources to deliver against our goal. For us this is a new challenge, but as a leader, I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of business can develop.

We want to build a future with our stakeholders.

In order to fulfill our purpose, we need more people to love OM Digital Solutions as a company and OM SYSTEM as a brand. To this end, we are also strengthening our initiatives related to the SDGs, such as community revitalization through photography and community activities in Hachioji City, where our headquarters is located.

We are still a newly independent organization, but we are determined to move forward together with our customers, employees, business partners, local communities, and all other stakeholders, to build our future. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and appreciation for the activities of OM Digital Solutions.

Company Profile

Company Name OM Digital Solutions Corporation
Established October 9, 2020
Representative Director and CEO Shigemi Sugimoto
Head Office 49-3, Takakura-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0033, Japan
Business Lines Operations involving the manufacture, sales, repair and rental of digital cameras (primarily mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras), interchangeable lenses, audio products including IC recorders and binoculars
Share Capital and Capital Surplus Approx. 41.7 billion yen*
Consolidated Headcount Approx. 1,850*

*As of March 31, 2023

List of Offices and Group Companies

  • Japan
  • Asia and Oceania
  • United States
  • Europe
OM Digital Solutions Corporation
OM Digital Solutions Corporation Head Office, Design, Marketing 49-3, Takakura-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0033, Japan
Laboratory 4-29-16, Owada-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0033, Japan
Manufacturing Technology Center 2971-50, Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0033, Japan
Sales and Marketing, Logistics Daiwa Sasazuka Tower, 1-50-1 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0073, Japan
Showroom STEC Joho-Building, 1-24-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
OM Digital Solutions China Corporation
OM Digital Solutions China Corporation
Sales, Marketing Hongwell International Plaza (Shanghai) 208A - 09, Building A, No. 1600 Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200235 China
OM Digital Solutions Australia Proprietary Limited
OM Digital Solutions Australia Proprietary Limited Sales, Marketing 304/11 Solent Circuit, Norwest, New South Wales, 2153, Australia
OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited
OM Digital Solutions Hong Kong Limited Sales, Marketing Unit 1516-1517, 15/F, Tower 2, Grand Century Place, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, Kowloon
OM Digital Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd.
OM Digital Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. Manufacture 8 street, Long Thanh Industrial Zone, Tam An Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc.(OMDSA)
OM Digital Solutions Americas, Inc.(OMDSA) Sales, Marketing 306 S New Street,Suite 110 Bethlehem,PA,18015, U.S.A.
OM Digital Solutions GmbH
OM Digital Solutions GmbH Sales, Marketing Willy-Brandt-Strasse 23, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Repair and Service Rua de Alcorredores 43 A 3020-923 Coimbra, Portugal