Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Basic policy

OMDS strive to provide products that take security into consideration for the safety and security of our customers, as well as to collect vulnerability information and respond to vulnerabilities.


  • OMDS will build a system to ensure product security and implement security measures.
  • OMDS perform design and development based on global guidelins and laws.
  • OMDS collect information on vulnerabilities in our products even after the product is shipped, and ensure that discovered vulnerabilities are exposed to customers.

If OMDS determine that there is a possibility of harm on our customers, OMDS will provide information on countermeasures, including necessary measures such as updates.

Supported products

Products covered by the vulnerability disclosure policy and its support period

Submission of information

OMDS collect information about product vulnerabilities. If you have discovered a vulnerability, please contact us using the contact form below.


Please write "Security Vulnerability Issue" first.
Then, please specify the following.

  • Affected products
  • Details of vulnerability
  • the way to reproduce the vulnerability
  • Reproducibility of vulnerabilities

Provision of Information

OMDS provide security alerts and vulnerability countermeasures for our products in a timely manner.

Information about vulnerabilities

Handling of information

  • Submit vulnerability information of our products to related organizations as necessary.
  • OMDS will manage your personal information in accordance with our privacy notice.

Revision history

Publication date: Feb. 01, 2024

OMDS: OM Digital Solutions Corporation